Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Dear everyone:

What are your tips for overcoming a persistent depressive state?


Tee said...

My own techniques (and why they're not working):

1. Go for a run. (It's too slippery out, and by the time I've packed up to go to a gym I've lost my will.)

2. Listen to music. (My computer is broken with no access to my music, and the internet connection I do have is unreliable.)

3. Surround myself with friends. (It's midterm season. Everyone is stressed, depressed and busy.)

crazie said...

the exercise does help. the effect outweighs the effort. and put everything out of ur mind when u do get the opportunity to do any of these 3 things. u're "untouchable" then.

Anonymous said...

I remember, back when in waterloo, depressed like hell I would sit in front of the television and flip through channels. Since my tv was hooked up to strange satellite (that transmitted most middle eastern, and far east shows) but There was this one channel that showed black and white (as well as silent films). I stopped to check them out and found myself immersed in these movies and everytime one of them ended I felt a lot less depressed. As well, during the show I had to concentrate on their words (cause they were heavy on the dialogue, so my worries were away and I felt like I was one of the leading female characters.

You could try watching old movies about romance, crime, and just other things.

Another thing you could do is write. I'm sure you do it, but just put pencil to paper and go, don't stop for about..30 minutes or so.

These are what I could come up with from the last time we spoke. Hope it helps.

Milena said...

1. Furiously typing down every thought that comes to mind, then looking back on the mess I wrote and trying to expand on the ones that seem very important or invoke strong (negative) emotions.

2. Reading something, either a book I hadn't read by an author I generally like, or a book I think I would like; or re-reading something I really enjoyed..

3. Crying

4. Watching cartoons that I used to watch as a kid

5. I agree with the comment that exercise really helps. At least for me. Even if it's on a treadmill at the gym - it just feels good to be extremely tired to the point where you just fall down exhausted on the first comfortable-looking surface, and your mind shuts down.

P.S. Interestingly, talking to friends doesn't help me very much. They almost always say something that makes me feel just how much we'll never understand each other, and then I end up feeling extremely isolated and wanting to do one of 1-5 above...

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