Friday, August 5, 2011

The Moment I Realized

from the transcript

Detective: There's no, there's no signs of forced entry. Okay. At the house.

Tee: Okay.

Detective: And right now we're not looking for anybody.

Tee: Oh my God!

Detective: Okay. And I want you to hear that from me, from us.

Tee: Oh my God! Where were they stabbed?

Detective: Ah, chest.

Tee: With what?

Detective: A knife. From the kitchen.

Tee: A kitchen knife, like...?

Detective: Uhm no I don't, well something similar to a steak knife I believe.

Tee: Okay.

Detective: We, we believe that we have it. Uhm, like I said we haven't been able to go in.

Tee: Right.

Detective: So we're going off of ah what the firefighters saw when they first went in. 'Cause they went and obviously they, they attempted life saving measures right away.

Tee: Right.

Detective: On, on everyone. So like I said we won't know specifics until we get in there ourselves and fingerprints, DNA ah all that has to be worked out.

Tee: I want to, I want to ask you a question and I know you really can't answer because you can't speculate or anything but...

Detective: Yeah.

Tee: ...can I ask just as another person?

Detective: Mmhmm.

Tee: Do you think my dad did this?