Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Quick Call Here and There

Mummy, you have to see what I bought today. I e-mailed you a picture, go look. Yeah. Okay. Do you see it? Isn't it cute? I know! Yeah, things have been great here. No, no, I just don't really have the urge to take any pictures. Okay, okay, fine, I'll make sure to take some. Is Daddy there? Tell him I keep finding things here that he'd really like. Oh, hi Daddy! So many things here remind me of you. I would love it so much if you guys were able to visit me while I'm here! No, I know, but it would be really nice. We could go to a pub and get some fish n chips. Haha! Oh, okay. Love you! Hi Mummy. Yeah, a few people at work, I haven't really had a chance to go out and meet people yet. You would love the shopping here! Even I want to buy everything! How is everyone doing? Oh my God, that's amazing, tell him I say congratulations! Yeah, D***** and I have been talking quite a bit, he's always online when I'm up in the morning. I miss you too, so much. Haha, I know, but if you call me tomorrow we can talk longer. Get D***** to show you how to use Skype. Okay. I do. I love you too, Mommy. Okay. Bye Daddy, love you! Yeah. Okay. Love you! Bye.

I fucking wish.


Anonymous said...

It's always the simple things that are the hardest, I think. This would be one, nes pa?

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