Saturday, February 9, 2013

Past Events

What are your opinions on how to approach the past? Should the past be remembered, considered and used to inform the present? Or should it be left firmly in the past and disallowed to have an influence the present?


Anonymous said...

So I wrote this long thing with my answer to that question and it wasn't even added because this website is driving me nuts. Anyways doll face, here's my short two-cents on it.

The past is the past. it has come and gone, it doesn't need to influence you anymore than it already has. It shaped a small part of you, and that's as far as you should let it go. Now, this is your choice whether you want it to influence on your life for the good or bad. You have that power, not the past. The past is merely there to remember and learn from.

<3 the crims.

Tee said...

That's a bit of a contradiction, isn't it? You can't learn from the past if you don't let it influence the present. Making a choice as to whether the past influences you for the good or the bad is making the choice to allow the past to influence you. Yet you also say it shouldn't influence you?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I see what you mean, but my main point was it has influenced you in some way (good or bad) and now you move on from it and make new history.

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